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When I go to Fengze to buy electrical appliances, I can hear more. Traveling goods and Fortress seem to be unrelated. In fact, Fengze online store has a tourist supplies area called Fortress Travel Go. The area provides what we need when we travel. Machine all supplies!

Fortress Travel Go Offers (July 2019 Update)

The most important thing to buy is of course the discount! (This is the most attention of YOOY ^^!) There are a lot of discounts.

  • Hang Seng Credit Card – as low as 50% off / $50 off when you spend 3000 or 新 new customers 4% Cash Dollars
  • Travel GO – Designated Product 5 Credit Easy / Airline Discount / Watsons $50 Cash Coupon
  • Fortress i-Coin – Save i-Coin for gifts

Travel Go x MoneyBack Easy Money x Asia Milesx Asia Miles Asia Miles

Because the easy money can be exchanged for Asia Miles, and Travel Goo products can also save money, that is, you can save Asia Miles when you purchase Travel Go!5 times easy to rewardHowever, there is no display in the catalogue which products have 5 times more money, it must be displayed according to the product introduction. Hope Fengze will update the website in the future!

Travel Go > Asia Miles 對換表
Travel Go > Asia Miles.
5 times easy money discount

Fortress i-Coin

If you buy any products in the online store, you can earn Fortress i-Coin for redemption. You can exchange an i-Coin for $500.

How to use Fortress i-Coin for a double Taipei ticket / Ocean Park ticket / Gedgrenedgren suitcase and more...

YOOY Promotion

Cameras, earphones, mobile power... These are the products that everyone knows will not be introduced to you! Travel Go provides you with the most troublesome phone stored value SIM咭 every time, the necessary camera stabilizer for shooting outside, Intelligent automatic translation machine, the insecticide required by the mountain, what beauty products are available, truly a website, you can buy the necessary supplies without leaving the house, you can also send it to your home.

Let YOOY introduce you to the products you must buy!

Insta360 One X Panoramic camera.

a360 One X

The most famous 360 camera, in addition to shooting 360-degree film, you can also take a movie like a small aerial camera that follows you. It can be said that it is a camera that must be bought for single travel. Of course, the effect of shooting together is also very good. Okay!

Detailed materials and offers: https://www.fortress.com.hk/zt/product/one-x-360-camera/p/BP_11809673

Japan / Korea / Taiwan / Australia / USA....... Phone stored value咭

Travel Go SIM

The main telephones offered are Travel SIM, CSL, DOCOMO, KT Telecom, Hutchison, China Mobile, etc. It is a common place to go.

Detailed materials and offers: https://www.fortress.com.hk/zt/shop/travel-go/lc/120?q=%3Anew%3AsupplierFormCategory%3A%E5%84%B2%E5%80%BC%E5%92%AD

Mog One TR-100 Portable Electronic Mosquito Keyring

Mog One TR-100 便攜式電子驅蚊匙扣
Portable electronic mosquito repellent keyring, prevent mosquitoes from approaching within 3-5 meters, USB charging (continuous use for about 30 hours after 30 minutes of charging), with two audio options, made in Korea

Detailed materials and offers: https://www.fortress.com.hk/zt/product/tr-100-light-mosquito-repeller/p/BP_11853682

Breo – iNeck Air Massager

By plane or by long-distance train, there is of course a large comfortable seat when you have money to sit on your head. It seems that if you are in the economy of YOOY, the headrest will be indispensable, and the travel headrest with massage function, do you have to buy it? It must be a true 3D massage, not a general vibration. This YOOY really found it for a long time to find it!

iNeck Air 按摩器

Detailed materials and offers: https://www.fortress.com.hk/zt/product/ineck-air-massager/p/BP_11725912

For more Fortress Travel Go products and offers, please clickHere

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